The Center for e-Learning (CeL), within Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ), was established in January 2012 with just two instructional designers and one multimedia/web designer. Since then, the CeL has grown to include almost 20 full-time staff members. 

The CeL designs baccalaureate, associate, continuing education, and workforce programs with a current total of 700+ courses. We pride ourselves in creating challenging online courses that promote student engagement, student motivation, and student interaction.

The CeL collaborates with faculty to create a virtual classroom that is built on sound course design principles, up-to-date technological practices, and flexibility for students.

Collaborating with the CeL whilst building an online course ensures that your course will join a thriving online community that provides more opportunities for students to learn.

Design Principles

The primary mission of the CeL is to design and develop online courses, as well as to establish quality online course standards for the College.

Furthermore, the CeL is responsible for transforming a course that has traditionally been taught in a face–to–face format to a fully online course. The instructional designers (ID)s work with faculty (our SMEs), and a multimedia team to build a course using sound online course design theories and models of instructional design.

In the CeL, our team of Instructional Designers collaborate with faculty Subject Matter Experts to build the content for each course. We ensure that all content:

  • Complies with web standards
  • Is accessible
  • Is ADA compliant
  • Is relevant and fluid

Our Multimedia Design team has designed various ways of delivering the contents so that it is more interesting and retainable to the student, as well as unique.

The knowledge that SMEs provide sets the foundation for the quality of the CeL’s courses. We target each course individually to provide a customized approach in each course. Our courses are not designed to be exactly like each other; we tailor our courses to industry need and specific requests from the experts in the field.

CeL Stats 2012-2018
Online courses developed: 326
Revisions: 136
Corporate training: 167

Multimedia Examples

Please visit our welcome page to browse examples of our work.