Who are we?

The Center for eLearning (CeL) is a multi-faceted department; we are comprised of Instructional Designers, Multimedia Designers, and administrative personnel that work together with faculty to provide quality online courses for the students at FSCJ.

Our ultimate goal is to build courses that are relevant, motivating, flexible, and promote student engagement and learning at a high level. We also support faculty development by creating training programs and providing instructional design consultation services.

In a world where change is constant, technology is at the forefront of demand, and flexible learning is a must, effective and efficient online course delivery is essential.

What roles do we play?

Instructional Designers (ID) are responsible for collaborating with the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the development process of the course. The SME provides the content and the course activities, and the ID ensures that all activities and content align with the Learning Outcomes of the course in an effective and student-centric design.

Multimedia Designers create media resources to enhance each and every course. These resources include audio, video, interactive widgets, and graphics that are all ADA compliant and ensure each course is technologically-rich and engaging.

Administration Personnel is comprised of project managers that manage the overall operation of the CeL, in addition to functional projects. A portion of responsibilities include maintaining the tasking and production of the Instructional Designers and Multimedia Designers on a daily basis, coordinating meetings, stipends and deliverables, and facilitating communication between faculty and the team.

What are our services?

In the CeL, we take pride in designing online courses to be engaging, enriching, and motivating for students. The opportunity to learn online promotes flexibility, and we make sure that the process is as smooth and simple as it can be for students.

Some of the specific tasks we perform include:

  • Course Builds and Maintenance
  • Faculty Online Course Consultations
  • Learning Unit Content Design
  • Rubric Building

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our services, or how we can assist you.