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Instructional Design

Here at the Center for eLearning we understand that it can be a challenging endeavor to develop an online course that promotes interaction, motivates learners, and engages learners in a meaningful way. It's even more challenging to transform a course that has traditionally been taught in a face–to–face format to a hybrid course or 100% online course.

As the instructor, not only are you building a course, but also a virtual classroom that is, more than ever before, dependent on sound course design principles. We use sound online course design theories, models of instructional design, and a framework for online course design to take your traditional classroom into the online world.

Multimedia Expertise

Transforming a traditional course from the classroom to an online format is a huge challenge. There are all kinds of things to consider. There are new ways to organize your content, new tools to present your content, new methods to interact with your students, and different assessment methods to consider.

This quickly turns into information overload. As multimedia professionals, we are here to help. Our job is to deliver your content on the web in the best way possible. We strive every day to make all of your content using standards-based coding practices that ensure your content reaches its audience with the least amount of overhead possible.

Best Practices

The Center for eLearning course design model is founded on research–based best practices...

  • Adult Learning Theory / Andragogy
  • Accessibility Standards
  • Usability best practices
  • Instructional Design Principles
  • Assessment Principles