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Proctored Testing

Proctored testing is traditionally required for many of Florida State College at Jacksonville’s online and hybrid courses. Due to the impact of COVID-19 and at the direction of the state of Florida, all FSCJ college courses are being transitioned to an online format. With all courses shifting online, students that previously tested with their instructor in a face-to-face classroom may now be required to complete a proctored test. In order to adhere to CDC guidelines and reduce the need for students to visit an Assessment Center in person, the College has partnered with SmarterServices, LLC and ProctorU® to offer students the ability to test at home using their automated proctoring services. Please check with your instructor to determine if automated proctoring will be used for your courses. 

Automated Proctoring

FSCJ offers automated proctoring through SmarterProctoring™and ProctorU®. Both are automated proctoring systems that use AI technology to monitor students during exams and allow them to test from the comfort of their own home. The systems ensure that test integrity is maintained through the use of web cameras and screen monitoring software. The systems also include identity verification using images of the student and their photo id that are captured for review by the course instructor. The systems also record testing sessions and bookmarks points in the recording where academic honor violations may have occurred.

More information on on SmarterProctoring™ can be found here and more information on ProctorU® can be found here.

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