Online Course Testing

Local Online Testing

FSCJ has many exams that are conducted entirely online.  However, there may be some exams that require proctored testing.


Distance Learning Proctored Testing

Due to COVID-19, Distance Learning Proctored Testing for local online exams are offered mainly through SmarterProctoring Automated Services or ProctorU Review+. There are some limited proctored services offered by FSCJ proctors for those exams that are not compatible with Automated Services through SmarterProctoring.

If your professor were to use Smarter Proctoring Automated Services or Proctor U Review+, you must have the following equipment in order to have a successful testing session along with the technology requirements. Please review the chart to ensure that your computer meets the requirements.  


Smarter Services - Automated Proctoring

ProctorU (Review+)

Required Technology

Laptop or desktop and webcam

Laptop or desktop and webcam

Google Chrome Version 74 or newer

Google Chrome Version 74 or newer

At least 1 mbps upload and download speeds

At least 1 mbps upload and download speeds

Google Chrome Books are compatible

Google Chrome Books are not compatible

How to Schedule an Appointment

To schedule your Proctored Exam for each course in which you are currently enrolled, you will need to log into your myFSCJ account, go to your Canvas classroom, and then click on Smarter Proctoring Icon.  You will need to register the first time you access the link and then follow the prompts to make your automated proctored appointment.

*Students must sign-in to their proctored sessions at least 15 minutes before their session starts. Anyone arriving late may not be allowed to test. 

All assessments require a current FSCJ student ID or a government issued identification.

Still have questions? 

Please contact our Distance Learning Assessment Specialists by email at:

Remote Site Online Course Testing

To secure a proctor outside of SmarterProctoring, students will need to provide an Online Remote Site Proctor Approval Form to the Distance Learning Assessment Coordinator.  It is strongly recommended that a completed form be sent to Deerwood Assessment Center Remotes Testing Services at at least two weeks in advance of your desired test date.

If you are unable to secure a proctored site outside of Florida State College due to COVID-19, FSCJ is here to assist.

Please see Remote Site Testing for more details.