Honors Courses and Student Experience

Honors Courses Four honors students at the 2023 Southern Regional Honors Council

Honors courses provide a deeper dive into the subject matter. All Honors Program courses will be academically rigorous and, at the faculty’s discretion, may include research projects, leadership opportunities, service-learning components and enrichment activities.

Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

An integral component of the FSCJ Honors Program is an instructional emphasis on service-learning and civic engagement. The service-learning teaching and learning strategy integrates meaningful community service with academic goals and critical reflection to enrich the student learning experience and teach civic responsibility. Through service-learning, honors students have the opportunity to cultivate their interpersonal, communication and critical thinking skills. To learn more, visit the Center for Civic Engagement.


The FSCJ Honors Symposium Series

Each term, a symposium related to the theme-based honors class project will be facilitated at one of FSCJ’s campuses/centers. During the symposium sessions, students may also showcase their honors research projects, facilitate poster presentations, deliver oral presentations and coordinate keynote presentations from faculty members or other subject-matter experts. In addition, faculty may also present about their research and/or service-learning projects during the Honors symposia.

Co-Curricular Learning

By design, the honors student experience involves not only learning in-class but also co-curricular learning outside the classroom. This learning occurs through active participation in the Honors Program and student life and leadership activities. Students may also have the opportunity for study abroad or study U.S.A. travel opportunities. Honors students are encouraged to become actively involved in campus and college life. Students may become involved in an FSCJ organization that complements their academic interests and talents such as the following: