Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves and advocates for the FSCJ student body in order to improve the student experience through events and initiatives. SGA is governed by currently enrolled students and consists of representatives from each campus and center. The purpose of SGA is to serve as the official voice of the student body as well as to provide a connection between the student body, faculty and the administration of the College. Each campus student government is charged with the responsibility of participating in the College's governing process through the student, faculty and administrative campus councils. They also participate in the SGA executive board, thus coordinating the Collegewide needs of students. Each campus SGA is a member of the statewide Florida State College Student Government Association.  To click view the FSCJ SGA Constitution.

For more information, please contact

Student Government Association Advisors:

Deerwood Center - Rachel Taeno  |  904-997-2507
Downtown Campus - Kara Pineiro | 904-633-8273
Kent Campus/Cecil Center - Giselle Palacios | 904-381-3675
North Campus/Nassau Center - Derrick Matos | 904-766-5550
South Campus - Stephanie Castro | 904-646-2435
Collegewide - Kerry Roth | 904-632-3029


FSCJ SGA Application for Office

Digital Badging

Students that serve in office as the Collegewide SGA President, Collegewide SGA Vice President, Campus/Center SGA President, Campus/Center SGA Vice President, Campus/Center Senator I and II, or Campus/Center Representative I, II, III, IV, and V for at least one academic term are eligible to receive an SGA Leadership digital badge.  Students can download their digital badge and share it on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.