Leadership Training

FSCJ Leadership Certificate Program

The FSCJ Leadership Certificate Program is centered around eight pillars that FSCJ Student Life & Leadership has found to be important to be in developing successful student leaders including, but not limited to, Civic Engagement, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Diversity, Ethics, Group Dynamics, How to Run a Meeting (Robert’s Rules of Order), and Time Management.

The FSCJ Leadership Certificate Program is offered during the fall and spring terms and is open to the first 40 FSCJ students that sign up each term.  In order to complete the program, students must attend a Leadership Retreat, three in-person or virtual workshops, and a Leadership Symposium.  In addition, students will also need to volunteer six hours in their community.  For more information on volunteer opportunities, please visit FSCJ Serves at serve.fscj.edu.

The FSCJ Leadership Certificate Program is designed to give students a fundamental understanding of what it is to be a leader and equip them with the tools needed to be successful in leadership roles.

To RSVP or for more information about the FSCJ Leadership Certificate Program, please contact Student Life and Leadership at getinvolved@fscj.edu.