The Institutional Review Board (IRB) serves to approve, oversee and administer all external research requests and activities conducted at the College in accordance with APM 10-1104. Specific guidance for such research requests and activities is provided in Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Institutional Review Board Handbook.

Under the authority of the College President, the IRB committee is comprised of seven College members and one external member as detailed below.

IRB Committee

IRB Role

IRB Member

Institutional Signatory OfficialDr. John Avendano
Associate Vice President for Institutional EffectivenessDr. Jerrett Dumouchel
Human Subjects AdministratorDr. Greg Michalski
IRB Member (Science) Dr. Sondra Evans
IRB Member (Science) Dr. Mary Ebener
IRB Member (non-Science) Dr. Cedrick Gibson
IRB Member (non-affiliate) Ms. Mari Kuraishi
IRB Member (non-Science)
Ms. Jacquelyn Thompson
IRB Member (President of Faculty Senate) Dr. John Woodward

Please direct specific informational requests to



Title Type Size
pdf 244 KB Downloadmemo-on-administering-surveys-to-students-1
docx 741 KB Downloadirb-review-of-approved-project-form-procedural-revisions-or-yearly-periodic-reviews
docx 737 KB Downloadproject-closing-form
docx 756 KB Downloadirb-initial-routing-form-for-new-projects
docx 105 KB Downloadfscj-irb-handbook-2022(1)
If you have trouble accessing the IRB Handbook and need to request an alternate format, please contact Brandy Williams at 904-632-5094

Contact Information

Dr. Jerrett Dumouchel,  Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
(904) 632-3307

Greg V. Michalski, Ph.D., PMP®, Director of Institutional Analytics and Research (IAR) and Institutional Review Board Human Subjects Administrator
(904) 632-3017