What is the Guided Pathways Framework?

Guided Pathways is a framework that provides an integrated, college-wide approach to help students succeed. It is an intentionally designed, clear and coherent educational structure that will prevent students from becoming “lost in the system.” Guided Pathways provide students with clear program maps that include specific course sequences, progress milestones and program learning outcomes. Students are also surrounded with comprehensive support from start to finish, to ensure they clarify a path for themselves, enter and stay on that path and succeed in learning.

The Guided Pathways framework rests on Four Pillars:

  • Clarify the Path: Create clear pathways to employment and further education.
  • Enter the Path: Help students choose and enter their pathway.
  • Stay on the Path: Help students stay on their path.
  • Ensure Learning: Follow through and ensure improved student results.

What does Guided Pathways mean for FSCJ?

Guided Pathways is not “extra work” or a new initiative. It provides a best practice framework to help faculty, staff and administrators effectively collaborate and organize our current and future student success efforts. This new way of doing business encourages input from all of our stakeholders so that we can improve students’ experiences both in and out of the classroom.

For more information, please email guidedpathways@fscj.edu.

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