Facilities Management & Construction

Facilities Management and Construction provides support for campuses and centers by managing design and construction services and to construct facilities that function effectively and enhance the ability of the College to meet its academic and operational mission. The department has the responsibility to construct, remodel, renovate and maintain FSCJ facilities in a timely manner and within approved budgets. In addition, newly constructed and renovated facilities shall always meet a high standard of aesthetic and functional quality (ref. Board Rule 6Hx7–8.1).

Facilities Management and Construction is also responsible for plan review, permitting and inspection of all construction related projects on FSCJ properties as required in Florida Statute Section 235.017 and Board Rule 6Hx7–8.7.

Contact Information


Morris Bellick
Associate Vice President of Facilities
(904) 381-3612
Samantha Lazic
Facilities Planning & Resource Manager
(904) 632-3368
Haley Jones
Administrative Assistant III

(904) 632-3214

Vickie Meeks
Project Coordinator
(904) 632-3148
Cameron Fansher
Executive Director of Campus Operations, Events & Special Projects
(904) 997-2630
Sarah Ashbrook
Facilities Planner
Danielle Ray
Executive Director of Facilities Planning & Design
(904) 632-3112

Tony Foyt
Energy Manager & HVAC Control Manager
(904) 632-3368
Dale Cason
Facilities Construction Project Manager

Lisa Reinertson 
Const Elect Mech Inspector II
(904) 633-5959
Email bldgcode@fscj.edu for inspection requests.

Mark Gandy
North Campus Facilities Director
(904) 766-6692

Downtown Campus Facilities Director
(904) 633-8197
Ronald Dykeman
South Campus Facilities Director
(904) 646-2401

Kent Campus Facilities Director
(904) 779-4177
Jerry Abbott
Nassau Center Facilities Supervisor
(904) 548-4453

Zoran Bozic
Deerwood Center Facilities Supervisor
(904) 997-2749

Cecil Center Facilities Supervisor