Application Process

Getting Started: Initial Application

Application Requirements and Forms for Law Enforcement Officer and Corrections Officer

Initial packet contains assorted forms necessary for preliminary consideration in the program. Complete the forms and return them to the Criminal Justice Center as soon as possible, attention FSCJ staff:

Criminal Justice Center
Attn: FSCJ Staff
4715 Capper Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218

The forms will be reviewed, and when sufficient applicants have met the requirements, a physical fitness evaluation will be scheduled.

Complete the CJBAT examination with a passing score and submit your test results with your phase one paperwork.

As part of the physical fitness evaluation, applicants will be required to:

  1. Exit the police vehicle and run 50 yards
  2. Drag a 165 pound sled 15 yards
  3. Run 25 yards to the stair case
  4. Climb and descend eight stairs
  5. Run 25 yards to the weight table
  6. Lift a 70 pound weight off the ground and place it on the table
  7. Run 25 yards
  8. Jump a four foot ditch
  9. Run four 25 yard legs around cones (serpentine) to finish near the police vehicle

Physical Fitness Evaluation Times

≤ 90.65 seconds      Qualified

> 90.65 seconds      Not Qualified

We encourage you to continue your physical conditioning exercises as vigorous physical fitness training will continue through the duration of the class. Physical training is a graded course and you can fail.

You will be notified of the date and time of the physical fitness evaluation.

Please print neatly when completing all forms:

Verification of Age

Applicants must be 18 years of age. Verification of age may be accomplished by providing a copy of birth certificate or suitable “official” document. Recruits successfully completing the Basic Law Enforcement Program must be 19 years of age to take the State Officer Certification Exam.

Citizen of the United States

Applicants must be Untied States citizens. Naturalized citizens must provide proof of naturalization.

High School Transcripts or Equivalent

Public high school transcripts: one sealed copy required. High School Diplomas are not considered acceptable proof of graduation.

Florida High School Equivalency

A copy of your Florida high school equivalency certificate and individual test scores are acceptable proof. Out-of-state high school equivalencies are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

College Transcript

A college degree is not required to attend this course. Official (original with raised seal, not photocopy) sealed college transcripts must be turned in if you have attended a college.

Affidavit of Criminal and Military History

Complete this Affidavit of Criminal and Military History Form in the presence of a Notary Public. After the Notary has placed their seal on the form, include it in the packet. Banks and credit unions provide Notary services. This document must be notarized.

Driver’s License

A photocopy of your current valid state driver’s license must be turned in with your packet. Please enlarge the print size to double the normal license size when making this copy.

Social Security Card

A photocopy of your social security card must be turned in with your packet. Please enlarge the print size to double the normal card size when making this copy.

Proof of Health/Accident Insurance

Proof that you possess current health/accident insurance must be provided in the event you are injured during the training course. Insurance must remain in force for the duration of the class. Active duty military personnel may provide a copy of your military ID card as proof of insurance.

Military DD Form 214

A photocopy of your DD-214 if you have been in the military.

Authority for Release of Information

Complete the CJSTC Form 58, Authority for Release of Information, a background information waiver. This document must be notarized.

Medical Examination Form

Take the following medical examination form to your physician or clinic and have the physical examination completed. The results of the physical fitness assessment must be reported on this form. Physicals not reported on this form will not be accepted.

Applicant Contact Sheet

If you move at anytime during the application process or Academy program, complete the Applicant Contact Sheet and email your change in address or telephone number(s) to

Recruit Ride Along Form

Recruits are to complete a minimum of two civilian observer rides with the police. It is recommended you vary your rides between zones, hours of the day and agencies. The Recruit Ride Along Form will be collected at the end of phase three. Begin your rides now.

Application Processing Checklist

Use the Applicant Processing Checklist as a guide when gathering the required forms. Submit this form as part of your application.

Applicant Waiver Agreement and Statement

Complete this waiver form and return in packet.

FERPA Consent Form

Complete this waiver form and return in packet.

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print PDF files.