Equivalency of Training (EOT)

The Criminal Justice Selection Center conducts evaluation processes through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for individuals interested in re-certifying in Florida, as well as for those individuals who were employed as an out-of-state, federal or military police officer. Refer to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement at Officer RequirementsEquivalency and Equivalency of Training FAQ.

Step 1: EOT Assessment

Please refer to the links below to determine which type of equivalency is needed. An application is available for each classification.

Out-of-State, Federal, and Military Police Equivalency

For individuals who were employed in a state other than Florida, or as a federal officer

To qualify, a person must have served one year as a full-time sworn officer with arrest powers in the last eight years.

Non-refundable processing fee: Out-of-state is $250 and in-state is $50. Applicants must complete in full.


Florida Re-Certification

For individuals who once were certified in Florida

To qualify, you must have been employed and certified as a criminal justice officer in Florida. There cannot be more than an eight-year gap from the end of your most recent qualifying employment to the submission of your complete application. The application fee for Florida re-certification is $50.  CJC Equivalency of Training Packet must be completed in full.

Step 2: EOT Proficiency Course

Once you have been issued the Equivalency of Training CJSTC 76 Form, you must complete the EOT Proficiency Course.  To complete the EOT Proficiency course at FSCJ, you must complete the official College application.

Once you have completed the application, email Greg Strickland that you completed the application. You will then be enrolled in the EOT class and given further instructions.

 Tuition for the course includes books and supplies.

For class information or any other questions regarding the EOT course, email or call (904) 713-4896.

Step 3: SOCE

Once you complete and pass the EOT course, you will need to take the  State Officer Certification Exam. The exam fee is $100 and additional fees may be assessed by the test sites.

For questions or more information,  email or call (904) 713-4896.

Application Deadline for the September class is August 30, 2024

Program code :

CWN 0273

Cost :

$ 950 for Law Enforcement and $700 for Corrections

Phone: (904) 713-4896

Email: gregory.strickland@fscj.edu



Term Class # Location Room Day Time Date
Fall EOT North Campus CJC TBA TBA September 9, 2024 - September 12, 2024
North Campus
September 9, 2024 - September 12, 2024