Online Degree Programs

If you are interested in completing your entire program online, this may be the option for you. With this option, you will complete your first two or three years online with FSCJ and then transfer to a college/university with whom FSCJ has a transfer agreement and complete your bachelors degree online.

This search option provides a list of the articulation agreements that provide FSCJ students the opportunity to complete the associate and bachelor's degrees via distance learning. FSCJ students can complete a bachelor's degree without leaving home. Please select the online FSCJ Program of Study in which you are enrolled, or plan to enroll, and view the corresponding list of online college and university majors. Please click on the college/university major and degree to find out some basic information about the requirements for transfer, including the coursework and major prerequisites.

Special Note: The websites have been prepared and presented as an informational guide only. The program and transfer requirements provided herein are subject to change, amendment or deletion by FSCJ or by the transfer institution as deemed appropriate.

Tips on transferring to a college without an articulation agreement

Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) so many FSCJ courses should transfer to colleges and universities across the United States. However, it is up to each individual school to decide what courses they will and won't accept, especially if you transfer to a school outside of the state of Florida. If you are interested in transferring to an institution that FSCJ does not have an articulation agreement with, the first step would be to contact that school. The Admissions or Registrar staff should be able to tell you about their transfer policy. They may ask to see a copy of FSCJ's course descriptions to get an idea about the course. FSCJ's catalog is available online so the school can easily reference course information. Once you complete the courses you would need to request an official copy of your FSCJ transcript

If you are interested in an FSCJ Program of Study or a college/university major that is not listed, please contact an FSCJ advisor for more information.