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The Northeast Florida FinTech Initiative represents a partnership between Florida State College at Jacksonville and St. Johns River State College, regional schools, nonprofits and numerous financial services companies to provide new financial technology, or “FinTech” training and certification opportunities in topics such as blockchain, mobile applications, machine learning and cloud-based data management.

This innovative collaboration to provide new FinTech-related training and certifications will help equip Floridians with skills in demand by Northeast Florida’s growing FinTech industry.

The FinTech Initiative will also include the creation of a new externship program and working connections program. These programs will provide leaders of nearby K-12 schools with valuable skills and information needed to introduce students to the FinTech industry and will offer real-world industry experiences to College faculty.

  • Banking Specialist - FinTech Technical Certificate – An introductory-level certificate designed to get students on a FinTech career pathway for entry-level customer service, billing clerk, teller and other positions in a banking business environment. As well as leading into the A.S. Accounting Technology program. Available Online!
  • Financial Technology (FinTech) Technician Technical Certificate – The FinTech Technician certificate is in response to industry demand for students with more technology-based courses and is intended to provide a focus for students interested in FinTech-related occupations as well as preparation for several industry certification exams. Available Online!
  • FinTech Advanced Technical Certificate – A standalone program for those who already have an A.S. degree or higher and designed to provide students with advanced technical skills, particularly in software applications and development, for entry-to-intermediate level employment in banking, financial services and FinTech-related positions. Available Online!
  • FinTech Support Technician Boot Camp Academies – a fast-track program that provides a non-credit pathway for individuals to acquire skills desirable to regional FinTech companies. Contact the FinTech team about registering for these available bootcamps:
    • CompTIA Sec+: 5/13/24 – 8/12/24
    • CompTIA Sec+: 5/21/24 – 8/20/24
    • Python I: 5/30/24 – 6/27/24
    • MOS Excel : 5/21/24 – 6/27/24

Qualifying students enrolled in FinTech Initiative programs will also have access to wraparound support services to include job placement and training, tutoring, workshops, and financial assistance with fees* and materials through June 30, 2025.

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St. Johns River State College students will also have access to services provided by the grant. Completion of the online form below is required.

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Sponsored by Florida State College at Jacksonville and the State of Florida, Department of Economic Opportunity.

*Subject to grant fund availability.