Phlebotomy Technician Training 

Continuing Education


The FSCJ Phlebotomy Technician program is designed to train individuals interested in  the latest information, procedures, skills, standards and equipment for safe, effective blood collection.

Our program includes both theory and hands-on instruction. You will learn medical concepts of Phlebotomy including Infection Control, Legal Issues in Healthcare, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Phlebotomy Equipment & Supplies, Phlebotomy Procedures, and Phlebotomy Fundamental Essentials. 

Students must complete all 3 Phlebotomy courses will receive an FSCJ Continuing Workforce Education (CWE) Certificate of completion and are eligible to sit for the National Healthcare Association (NHA) Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) Exam.

HED 0110- Phlebotomy Technician l is the first of the three Phlebotomy core classes in the Phlebotomy Certification program. This course focuses on Introduction and Safety in Phlebotomy along with Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Anatomy and Physiology of the Circulatory System. These topics will serve as the foundation for the rest of the program.

HED 0111- Phlebotomy Technician ll is the second of the three Phlebotomy core classes in the Phlebotomy Certification program. This course focuses on Phlebotomy Equipment & Supplies, Phlebotomy Procedures & Techniques, and the Challenges of Phlebotomy. These topics will serve as the essential knowledge and skills for a phlebotomist.

HED 0112- Phlebotomy Technician lll is the last of the three Phlebotomy core classes in the Phlebotomy Certification program. This course focuses Challenges in Phlebotomy, Sample Considerations, Special Procedures & Sample Preparation and Handling, Caring for the Pediatric Patient, and Legal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare. These topics will serve as the critical skills a needed for a successful Phlebotomist.

Required Materials: 

One pair of scrubs navy blue scrubs

MindTap Hoeltke's The Complete Textbooks of Phlebotomy 5th Edition

Financial Assistance Programs:

Goodwill A-Step Program:

**Helps identify financial aid resources and may provide partial funding for eligible candidates.

Catholic Charities Workforce Development Program:

Lutheran Services (International Students/Refugee’s Only): (904) 730-8263

FSCJ Payment Plans:

FSCJ Tuition Installment Plans (TIPS) -

FSCJ Installment Payments (Student Account): Upon registration for program students are allowed to submit installment payments of any amount up to 48hrs before the start of the class (NOTE: Total course must be paid 48hrs before start of class)

Please Note: This class may be cancelled if minimum enrollment number is not met. 







 Summer Phlebotomy III - 2898  Deerwood Center   G2726    5/29 - 6/26
 Summer Phlebotomy II - 1999  Kent Campus  F233    5/23 - 6/26
 Summer Phlebotomy III - 2019   Kent Campus   F233    6/27 - 7/24
Summer   Phlebotomy I - 3768/3769 North Campus  C302   Night Class 6/6 - 6/19 
 Summer  Phlebotomy II - 3770/3771 North Campus   C302  Night Class  6/20 - 7/24
 Summer  Phlebotomy III - 3772/3773 North Campus   C302  Night Class 7/25 - 8/21 
 Summer  Phlebotomy I - 3681/3682 Kent Campus   F233  Day Class  6/6 - 6/19
 Summer  Phlebotomy II - 3683/3684  Kent Campus  F233  Day Class  6/20 - 7/24
 Summer  Phlebotomy III - 3684/3686  Kent Campus  F233  Day Class  7/25 - 8/21
Summer  Phlebotomy I - 2022  Nassau Center   B205  Night Class  6/6 - 6/19
Summer  Phlebotomy II - 2024  Nassau Center  B205  Night Class  6/20 - 7/24
 Summer  Phlebotomy III - 2029  Nassau Center  B205  Night Class  7/25 - 8/21


For more information on our Phlebotomy course offerings, contact the FSCJ Continuing Workforce Education Department at

Class Information

Program Code: 9405

Hours: 118

Cost: $1,275

Contact Information
Phone: (904) 357-8910