Welding Technology (C.C.)

The Welding Technology Career Certificate (C.C.) program prepares students for careers in many areas including shipbuilding, paper mills, power plants, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and construction. Expert hands-on training provides the necessary skills for a successful career, and for thousands less than the for-profit tech schools.

Important for You to Know

Full-time Day program (5789) classes are held Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m.-3:50 p.m., for 8 months. Full-time day program classes begin in the Fall Term.

Part-time Evening program (578P) classes are held Monday through Thursday, 5:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m., for 16 months.

The curriculum for both Full-time and Part-time programs is identical.


Upon successful completion of the program, students may receive articulated College credit toward the Industrial Management Technology (A.S.) degree.

Additional Costs/Fees: Approximately $3,066

Degree: Career Certificates (C.C.)
Credit Hours: 1,050 Clock/Contact hours
Online Program : No
Program Code: 5789
Financial Aid Eligible : Yes

  (904) 633-8292

Program Learning Outcomes

Welding professionals offer one-on-one training in all types of welding processes including SMAW (stick) plate and pipe, GMAW (mig) steel and aluminum, FCAW (flux cored) and GTAW (tig) plate and pipe on steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Instruction consists of academic as well as laboratory and hands-on training to meet industry standards and for practical certificate examination preparation. Upon successful completion, students will be qualified for a position as an entry-level welding technician.

Hands-On Learning

Career Options

You’ll have the opportunity to network with major contractors and become employed while you’re still in school. We also refer you for internships and job interviews.

Program Notice

Cost Breakdown:

Course NumberClass DescriptionContact Hours Per ClassPrice Per Clock HourCost Per Class (In State Tuition)Semester
PMT 0070:Welder Assistant I75$2.92$219.00Fall Payments
PMT 0070L:Welder Assistant I Lab75$2.92$219.00
PMT 0071:Welder Assistant II50$2.92$146.00
PMT 0071L:Welder Assistant II Lab100$2.92$292.00
PMT 0072LWelder SMAW I50$2.92$146.00
PMT 0072L:Welder SMAW I Lab100$2.92$292.00
PMT 0073:Welder SMAW II50$2.92$146.00
PMT 0073L:Welder SMAW II Lab100$2.92$292.00Spring Payments
PMT 0074:Welder225$2.92$657.00
PMT 0074L:Welder Lab225$2.92$657.00
ApproximatelyTotal Tuition Costs$3066.00

If you are considering employment in a state other than Florida, click here to ensure the program curriculum meets the requirements to sit for licensure or certification testing in that state.