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Honors Program Staff

The FSCJ Honors Program is committed to providing our students with a personalized experience, holistic support and accessible resources.

Jametoria Burton
Dr. Jametoria Burton

Interim Director of Honors

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Juliette Patterson, Honors Administrative Assistant
Juliette Patterson

Administrative Assistant

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Other Honors Contacts

Lois Lindsey

Honors Advisor

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Honors Steering Committee

The Honors Steering Committee provides direction on honors education at FSCJ, advising the director on major policies, and serving as representatives of the Honors Program in their respective departments. The Honors Steering Committee has a representative from each of the five general education areas for the Associate in Arts Degree and includes representatives from Academic Advising, Curriculum & Instruction, the Library and Learning Commons, and the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department Chair. Meetings usually occur twice each fall and spring term. The Honors Director prepares the agendas, chairs meetings, and keeps records as the committee finds useful. Any member may offer items for discussion as the Honors Steering Committee sees fit.

2023-24 Steering Committee Members
  • Amber Arroyo, Library and Learning Commons
  • Dr. Jametoria Burton, Center for Civic Engagement
  • Professor Nancy Eschen, Mathematics
  • Dr. Jeff Mans, Natural Sciences
  • Dr. Scott Matthews, Social Sciences
  • Dr. Wilson Kaiser, Humanities
  • Professor Jana Kinder, Communications
  • Dr. Kathleen Ciez-Volz, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Kristie Ward-Cangelosi, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Lois Lindsey, Academic Advising

Honors Faculty

The FSCJ Honors Program has talented and innovative professors who provide an academically rigorous and engaging experience for our students. Honors faculty come from a variety of academic disciplines and complete Honors Faculty Certification to become eligible to teach honors courses.

Current Honors Faculty

  • Melissa Boyd
  • Jo Carlisle
  • Tammy Cherry
  • Samantha Ertenberg
  • Eugene Francis III
  • Jana Kinder
  • Elaina Lommason
  • Heidi Marshall
  • Marilyn Painter
  • Judith Bernanke
  • Scott Cason
  • Wilson Kaiser
  • Alicia Byrd
  • Nancy Eschen
  • Caroline Sampson
  • Matthew Simmons
Natural Sciences
  • Rebecca Hailey
  • Britta Hoffman
  • Doug Kines
  • Jeff Mans
  • Monica Parker
  • Bryan Spohn
Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Daniel Cronrath
  • Troianne Grayson
  • Scott Matthews
  • Wesley Moody
  • Rebecca Reeder

Distinguished Honors Faculty Certificate Badge
Become an Honors Faculty Member

The FSCJ Distinguished Honors Faculty Certificate Program comprises an 8-hour professional development series for teaching and learning within the Honors Associate in Arts/General Education Degree Program.

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