How to Apply

Complete the FSCJ International Student (F1)/English Language Institute Application

Application link:

1) Click Apply

2) Create an Application Account

3) Click International Student (F-1) (makes sure that you select the date you want to start classes)

4) Under EDUCATIONAL GOAL OPTIONS: Select English Language Institute (ELI) as your Educational Goal; then select English Language Institute (ELI) as your Program of Study.

5) Click Start Application (ELI students do not pay the $80 application fee)

  • ELI program will email ELI Admission packet with required documents attached:
    • Certificate of Financial Responsibility
    • Mandatory Health Insurance
      • Complete the Certificate of Financial Responsibility form and submit the sponsor’s bank statement (account must show a minimum of $16,270). This amount includes annual living expenses and 2 semesters of tuition ($10,350 + $5920). Applicant and sponsor must both complete and sign the form.
        Health Insurance 1 Semester amount varies on coverage & prices are subject to change) 
        Annual (approximately)1,519
        2 Semesters (approximately)1,046
        1 Semester (approximately)450
      • Complete the Mandatory Health Insurance form (you are not required to purchase the insurance at this time) the form is to confirm that you are aware that health insurance is mandatory.
      • Electronically send all the documents and email them to
    • Valid Passport copies
    • Official Bank statement
    • Visa copies (if applicable)
    • Mandatory health insurance form
    • Certificate of financial responsibility form
    • I-94 copies (if applicable)
    • Previous I-20 (if applicable)