Industry Certifications and Licenses

Industry Certification, License and Apprenticeship Program Articulations

Current industry certifications, licenses and apprenticeship programs may articulate into FREE college credit! 

Things to Know

  1. Articulation credits appear on transcripts as a “P” and do not impact GPA.
  2. Credits earned through Articulation satisfy graduation requirements but may not be accepted as transfer credits.

Get Started

  1. Apply to FSCJ and the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree or certificate that aligns with your industry credential.
  2. Review the Industry Certifications to A.S. Degree and Applicable Technical Certificate Programs to determine the amount of eligible college credit you may earn. Questions can be directed to the appropriate email found within the linked document.

Subject to the conditions of the articulation agreement, students who are accepted for admission into an A.S. degree program or related Technical Certificate shall be entitled to credits outlined in the agreements linked above.

NOTE: Courses are subject to change by curricular or program changes or state mandate. More information on statewide agreements can be found here.