Educational Opportunities Center

Educational Opportunities Center

Thinking about going to college, technical school, or any other kind of postsecondary education? Not sure where to start? Need help understanding how to apply or how to pay for it? TRiO Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) can help. Our FREE services are designed to take the guesswork out of beginning or continuing your education.


To provide educational information and assistance to qualified individuals who want to pursue a program of postsecondary education.


Increase the accessibility of a postsecondary education for all of its adult participants. The EOC program offers services at no cost to participants.

About the Center

The TRiO Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) program at FSCJ is funded by the U. S. Department of Education for the purpose of aiding adults who want to enter or continue a program of postsecondary education. EOC seeks to inform both adults and the larger community about the educational opportunities available.

Whether you have plans to attend a 2-year community college, 4-year university, certificate or professional program, EOC can help.

Other Eligibility Requirements

  • The program determines the eligibility of each participant in the program at the time the individual is selected to participant.
  • The program determines the status of low-income and potential first-generation college student.

More income info

Low-income means: an individual whose family’s taxable income did not exceed 150% of the poverty level which is established by the Bureau of Census of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Potential first-generation means: An individual neither of whose parents received a 4- year degree; or an individual who regularly resided with and received support from only one person, and whose supporting parent did not receive a 4-year degree.

"The goal of EOC programs is to help end the cycle of poverty by increasing the number of adult participants who enroll in postsecondary education," says Director, Dr. Andrea Cummings. "FSCJ's EOC program provides the pipeline for these adults to break through the multiple barriers impeding their educational success."

Who We Serve

  • Veterans of any age qualify
  • Active duty military & family
  • Adults 19 years of age and older
  • Less than 19 years of age and not served by a TRiO Talent Search program
  • Individuals who desire to enroll in a postsecondary education program
  • High school seniors
  • High school graduates
  • High school drop outs
  • Adults with GED or High School Equivalency Certificate
  • Adults who want to transfer to another College
  • Adults wanting to return to college
  • College stop outs
  • Adults who want to change their careers
  • Individuals desiring to attend a vocational, technical, or trade school
  • Displaced workers

Through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, FSCJ has established a TRiO Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) to support adults from Duval and Nassau counties, specifically those who belong to traditionally underrepresented populations, have limited English proficiency or are living with disabilities.

The EOC will identify and serve eligible participants yearly, eliminating the barriers to postsecondary education. A team of dedicated Enrollment Coaches will also assist and connect participants to the following:

  • Guidance on secondary school reentry or entry to a general educational development (GED®)/alternative program
  • Individualized career and academic counseling
  • Tutoring services
  • Career workshops/counseling
  • Education and counseling designed to improve financial and economic literacy
  • Mentoring services
  • Support with college admission and financial aid applications
  • Preparations for college entrance exams

EOC services will be provided by trained staff at each of FSCJ’s five campuses located throughout Duval and Nassau counties and at field/satellite offices provided by partnering agencies.

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Shaniqua Philpot - Case Manager/Enrollment Coach - North and Downtown Campus 
Charles Rowe - Case Manager/Enrollment Coach - Kent Campus and Nassau Center 
Jordyn Taylor - Program Facilitator - South Campus and Deerwood Center
Dr. Andrea M. Cummings - Director