Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) and the University of North Florida (UNF) partner together to connect students to higher education through the FSCJ/UNF Connect program. Together, we want to help make the transition from one school to the other as easy as possible for you.

It’s simple. Jump start your college career at FSCJ, then when it’s time, transfer to UNF to finish your baccalaureate degree. We do the work behind the scenes, so you can focus on your classes and getting involved in college activities.

Our Program

The Connect program allows FSCJ students earning their associate degrees a clear pathway to a baccalaureate degree at UNF. It also allows students who apply to UNF, but who may not meet the initial eligibility requirements for admission, the opportunity to begin their educational career at FSCJ and then make a smooth transition to UNF at a future time.

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How to get Started

There are two ways to enroll:

  1. Declare your intent to transfer to UNF by completing the  intent form and the FSCJ application. The form must be submitted alongside the application to be considered for the program. Those students who are accepted to FSCJ in the Connect program and meet all of the program requirements will have a reserved spot at UNF.
  2. Students who applied at UNF and were deferred or placed on a waiting list can talk to a transfer advisor at UNF to take the next steps to complete the application to FSCJ and ensure future admission to UNF. 

Once you are Accepted

  • Students must maintain passing grades at FSCJ in order to be eligible for university transfers to UNF
  • FSCJ has  knowledgeable full-time advisors at each campus to aid in your academic transition to UNF
  • UNF will share with you all deadlines, applications, advising information and any program-related information you need to become an Osprey
  • UNF will provide access to academic advisors at FSCJ campus locations to ensure success in University of North Florida programs and beyond

Contact Us

To get more information on hour requirements, restrictions, eligibility and program options, interested students should contact an academic advisor at FSCJ or UNF.

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Office of Outreach and Extension

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Jacksonville, Florida 32202

(904) 646-2300


University of North Florida

Office of Admissions

1 UNF Drive

Hicks Hall

Jacksonville, Florida 32224

(904) 620-1111