ESOL English Classes



Foundations (for students who can read and write in their own language but may have limited English skills)

Level 217:

Low Beginning

Level 317:

High Beginning

Level 417:

Low Intermediate

Level 517:

High Intermediate

Level617 & 627


ESOL + Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Training Program 

This course is a 16-week preparation course for students to train for a new career online in Medical Billing and Coding while receiving English language support. The knowledge gained will help them work almost anywhere in the medical field—doctors' offices, clinics, public health facilities, hospitals, labs, nursing homes, and insurance agencies. 

The 16-week program includes 12 weeks of intensive medical coding vocabulary and skills with English preparation with an ESOL instructor subject matter expert.  It is followed by an additional 4-week self-paced test preparation with weekly support from an Adult Education Tutor.

For more information about any of these programs, please contact an ESOL advisor at or call (904) 997-2513.