Student Resources

The team of Academic Success Coaches are here to support you. The following resources are designed to help support your academic success.

There are several time management techniques. Visit with your Academic Success Coach to discuss and personalize a time management strategy that's right for you.


  • Academic Confidence Series
    • Why Academic Confidence?

      Students who believe that they have the ability to complete a particular academic task do better and have higher levels of motivation.  Academic self-confidence refers to a confidence in one’s academic and intellectual abilities in general, as well as confidence in particular aspects of that ability. This series is designed to equip students with tools and resources to help boost academic confidence.

      Topics Include:

    • Understanding FSCJ Standards of Academic Progress
    • Tips to Improve your Time-Management
    • Discover Your Learning Style
    • Tips to Enhance your Study Skills
    • Learn how to become a better Note-taker
    • Healthy Habits to Promote Academic Success

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