Student Assistance Program

College life can be exciting. You’re learning new things and meeting new people. But it can also be stressful trying to balance classes, personal responsibilities and maybe a job. Or, it could be that you’re facing more serious issues that you can’t handle by yourself. When you feel overwhelmed, we’re here to help.

Because we understand the problems students face, Florida State College at Jacksonville has created the Student Assistance program to provide you with the resources you need to cope with College-related, personal, legal or financial issues that may be affecting your studies and your ability to be your best. Services are free and confidential and are available in person, online or by phone.

Student assistance at a glance…

  • 24-hour helpline
  • Confidential crisis consultation and assessment
  • In-person counseling with a licensed network provider
  • Individualized educational materials and resources
  • Legal/financial consultation
  • Risk assessment for substance abuse or behavioral problems
  • Information on health and wellness, child care and other concerns
  • Help for the challenges in life

What issues are you facing?

  • Relationship or family issues
  • Burn-out
  • Financial difficulties
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Legal problems

Let us help.

College should provide some of the best times of your life. Don’t let problems you may have keep you from enjoying them and preparing for the great future you have ahead. Get the help you need today.

For more information, contact us at:

(904) 384-1800 (local), (855) 384-1800 (toll-free) or visit