Why Volunteer?

Volunteering in college provides you the opportunity to give your time and talents to your community while learning more about the world in which you live. Even if you just take a few hours out of your week to volunteer, it can make an impact not only in your life but also in the lives of others. Volunteering can help you:

  • Learn more about your major
  • Gain employability skills
  • Meet new people at FSCJ
  • Build your resume
  • Network with community members
  • Meet scholarship requirements


Get Involved

There are a number of organizations that FSCJ partners with that are geared towards ongoing community, campus, and global service. However, if one-time or standalone service events are your preference, we have those, too. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on when volunteer opportunities become available!


FSCJ serves. It’s what we do. FSCJServes is an online resource established to bring students, non-profit organizations, and community agencies together for a common purpose: to serve the needs of Duval and Nassau County.

The opportunities listed on FSCJServes are provided by our community partners and can range from youth mentoring organizations, senior citizen facilities, environmental groups, museums, community revitalization, cultural art endeavors, and everything in between. Create your free profile to start tracking your volunteer hours today and generate your volunteer resume! Learn more by visiting FSCJServes.

Club Rush

Like to serve, but prefer to do things face-to-face? Check out the Club Rush events which provide the opportunity to speak with different community agencies that are seeking volunteers.  The Club Rush events are held on campuses and centers during the beginning of the fall and spring terms.

For more information, please email FSCJVolunteers@fscj.edu.

Volunteer Digital Badges

Students that volunteer in their community can earn digital badges for their service.

Volunteer Spirit Award - FSCJ students who have completed 50-99 hours of service.

Volunteer Champion Award - FSCJ students who have completed 100-199 hours of service.

Volunteer Presidential Service Award - FSCJ students who have completed 200-1000 hours of service.

To request a Volunteer Digital Badge, please contact FSCJVolunteers@fscj.edu for verification approval of the appropriate badge to be emailed to the recipient.