Please note, students who are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program and are in need of advising services should contact their bachelor’s advisor.

Click the link below for the Advising Center you wish to visit. Students wanting to schedule a virtual appointment can select any Advising Center below and then choose FlexAppointment 

Note: Adult Education/ESOL advising is offered at Deerwood Center, Downtown, North and South campuses. For F1 International Admissions, please select Downtown Campus.

South Campus

Downtown Campus

Kent Campus  

North Campus  

Deerwood Center

Nassau Center *

Cecil Center (Mondays) *

Military and Veterans Service Center

  • Enter your name and phone number (FSCJ students should include Student ID).
  • Select the area in which you need assistance.
  • From there you will be given the option to select one of the specific services to be immediately added in line OR schedule a future appointment at a time that is convenient for you (Advising only).

Adding Yourself in Line

Scheduling an Appointment

If you select to join the line immediately, you will receive text notifications including accurate wait times, updates on your place in line and when it’s your turn.*

If you schedule a future appointment, you will enter your name and email address and receive a confirmation email to the email provided.

*Use these text commands to control your notifications regarding your service.


Status update, for an update on your wait time and place in line


More time, to request additional time if you cannot be in the area


Leave the queue (line)


Switch, to switch from text to voice call updates


"Notify me in XX minutes," to let the system know when to send you an alert




*Future appointments unavailable at this location