Evaluate Your Course(s) and Instruction

The opportunity to evaluate your course(s) and instruction is online and easier than ever.

You can rate each of your classes by logging in to myFSCJ. From the Student Center drop-down, select the “Manage Classes and Books” tile. On the “View My Classes” link, click “Evaluate Instruction” next to each of the classes you’d like to evaluate. Your feedback helps us improve the quality of the educational experience for all students. It takes just a few minutes.

Course evaluations are available to students approximately one month prior to the end of the session. Once the grade window opens, you will no longer have the ability to rate your class.

Is it safe?

All comments and ratings are anonymous. Your responses will be combined with all of the responses from other students in your class, and your professors and deans will not be able to see the combined responses until final grades are posted for each class.

It’s fast. It’s safe. And, it helps improve the FSCJ experience for all.

Complete your evaluation now and tell us what you think.