Hours Requirements

It is important for anyone utilizing VA educational assistance to be aware of hour requirements for each status. Each type of certification is described below.

Note: Hours are based on a 16-week enrollment.

Vocational Clock Hours

College Credit Hours

Training Time

Amount of Pay***

22 or more

12 or more


Maximum allowance



3/4 time

75 percent of maximum allowance



1/2 time

50 percent of maximum allowance

10 or less

5 or less

Below 1/2 time, but at least 1/4

25 percent of maximum allowance**

**For training below 1/4 time, the DVA will pay for tuition and fees only. This is not per month, it is total. In some cases, they may send a lump sum payment or they will send a portion of your tuition and fees for each month.

***Chapter 33 pay rate is determined by student's eligibility rate and pursuit of training. (For example: If you are attending school 3/4 time in a 16 week term and your eligibility rate is 80%, then VA will pay 80% of the 3/4 time pay rate.)