ScholarshipUniverse FAQ's

ScholarshipUniverse is an online platform powered by CampusLogic that matches students to relevant, vetted scholarship opportunities. This tool has the potential to increase the amount of gift aid our students receive, and consequently reduce their reliance on student loans.

Current FSCJ students can log in using their FSCJ Student ID and password.

No. Future students can browse the portal to see available scholarships at FSCJ. You will, however, need to be admitted to FSCJ and have established your FSCJ account and password in order to log in to the portal and apply for scholarships.

You first need to complete your student profile by answering a few questions. These questions are designed to help match you with eligible scholarships. It is recommended that you answer all profile questions before reviewing your scholarship matches. The more information you provide the more scholarships you can be matched with.

We recommend that you log in at least once a week to stay up to date on any new scholarships that are posted and apply before their deadlines.

Some of your account details cannot be edited because the information is loaded directly from your FSCJ student record. This information is updated on a regular basis.

The “My Docs” section is a great place to store any resumes, personal essays or letters of recommendation you may want to use to apply for scholarships. You have the ability to upload documents or draft them directly within the platform.

If a scholarship application requires that you request a Letter of Recommendation, you can do this directly through ScholarshipUniverse. Please be sure to ask your recommender before completing your application. Let them know to expect an email from ScholarshipUniverse with instructions on how to upload your letter.

If you are selected to receive a scholarship from FSCJ, you will be able to see it listed in the "My Awards" section.

Generally, the review period begins once the application deadline closes. If you are selected for a scholarship, you will receive an email from ScholarshipUniverse informing you of any potential next steps such as submitting a Thank You Letter.

To check the status of a scholarship, navigate to the “Scholarships” tab from the menu and then select the “Application Submitted” tab. From there, you can see the status of the scholarship you applied to. If the scholarship does not appear on this page, this means the scholarship review process has been completed for this scholarship.

Any outstanding tasks that you are required to complete such as Thank You Letters or Award Acceptance can be done directly from your profile under the “Action Required” section of the Dashboard. Not sure where to start? Check out the helpful tips in the email to help you write a more meaningful letter to your donor. Follow the prompts to submit your Thank You Letter or Accept Your Award by the deadline posted.

For any technical difficulties, we recommend you contact the ScholarshipUniverse support team by selecting “Feedback” from the Dashboard menu. Please be specific in describing your situation and include as much detail as possible, including error codes if applicable, so that the team can work quickly to resolve the issue. Once your feedback has been submitted, you may be asked to provide screenshots and other helpful information so that the ScholarshipUniverse support team can provide you with the best support possible