Information for Private Donors

Private Donor Instructions

Each year we receive many scholarships from private donors that want to support education and help our students achieve their educational goals. If you or your organization would like to help, please adhere to the following instructions to assure your donation is applied correctly to the student's account according to your requirements.

Mailing Instructions

Private donors may send a check to:

Florida State College at Jacksonville
Administrative Offices
Attn: Finance Department
501 W. State Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Note: Scholarship checks should be made payable to Florida State College at Jacksonville.

The check should be accompanied by a cover letter that includes the following:

  • Name of the scholarship recipient
  • Last 4 digits of recipient's social security number and date of birth
  • Semester or academic year that the scholarship covers
  • Donor contact information
  • How the funds should be distributed:
    • Tuition only
    • Tuition and books
    • Books only
    • Non-restricted (student receives any residual funds after tuition and books are paid)
  • If desired, include date that any unused funds should be returned to your organization

Note: If the letter does not specify how to disburse scholarship funds, and the check is less or equal to $1,500, the Scholarship Office will apply the funds to the current semester at the time the check is received as long as the student is enrolled. Otherwise, if the check is over $1,500, the funds will be divided evenly between the fall and spring semesters. In addition, if there are no instructions on what the funds should cover, they will be applied as non-restricted, meaning the student will receive any residual funds after tuition, books, and any other debts to the school are paid.

Disbursement of Scholarship Funds

Upon receipt of your check(s), we post a scholarship award for each student for the amount that you indicate. The scholarship funds can be used to register for classes up to the amount of the scholarship, and the student will only need to pay the difference upfront. We verify enrollment after the student has been in classes approximately 30 days and then disburse the funds. If the student does not attend during the academic year, the funds will be returned to your organization.