Staff and Contact Information

The Florida State College at Jacksonville purchasing department is here to provide high quality customer service for students and employees of the College and the community. You will receive the highest order of service and respect when interacting with purchasing personnel. External vendors and the community will consistently be afforded the same treatment. The purchasing department will procure and expedite the College’s material and service needs on a timely basis, all the while in compliance with Federal and state of Florida Statutes, State Board of Education Rules, Florida State College at Jacksonville Board Rules and guidelines. The purchasing department aims to help the College achieve its Collegewide initiatives.

To reach the Purchasing Department by email, click on a staff member's name below.
Randi Brokvist
Executive Director of Purchasing
(904) 632-3301

Amy Benigno
Associate Director of Purchasing
(904) 632-3072

Marc Pica
Purchasing Contracts Coordinator
(904) 632-3296
Audrey Monroe
Purchasing Construction Contracts Coordinator
(904) 632-3086

Noelle Tafaoa
Purchasing Contracts Coordinator
(904) 632-3365

Maureen Malone
Purchasing Specialist
(904) 632-3068

Anita Wiseman
Central Services Coordinator
(904) 632-3227