General information and some of the standard contracts and forms used by the College purchasing department for construction projects are listed below.

The College pre-qualifies general contractors annually each fall. Any firm interested in pre-qualification may contact Audrey Monroe, purchasing construction contract coordinator, at (904) 632-3086.

College bids greater than $65,000 are placed on the bids schedule with bidding specifications and necessary information for that bid. Most construction bids are not available digitally and must be purchased and picked-up at Florida State College at Jacksonville, Administrative Offices, 501 W. State St., Jacksonville, FL 32202 (3rd floor purchasing).

There are several recent statute revisions concerning insurance that will affect any construction project with Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Being a political subdivision of the State of Florida, the College is exempt from both federal excise tax and state tangible personal property sales taxes and as such on any construction project the College may, at the College's discretion, ask the contracting firm to participate in a Tax Saving Program.

Purchases over $7,500 by College APM is required to be competitively quoted. Projects from $7,500 to $19,999.99 can use an informal process that requires solicitation of two (2) written quotes. Projects from $20,000 to $64,999.99 can also use an informal process that requires solicitation of three (3) written quotes. All projects $65,000 or greater require a formal sealed bid/RFP process. These projects will be listed on the bids schedule. Please visit the Forms and Standard Contracts webpage for any associated Construction forms.

Listed below are relevant construction documents:


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