Social Media Procedures


This social media procedure governs the official development, implementation and use of social media for Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ). FSCJ has found using social media tools as an effective way to expand reach, foster engagement and build relationships with key stakeholders both internally and externally.

The goal is to streamline the social media channels through which the College communicates with its stakeholders. Utilizing select main accounts will ensure the market is not oversaturated with College-affiliated accounts/profiles and allow the College to provide a consistent, comprehensive message.


This procedure is applicable to all campuses, departments, programs, clubs and all organizations within FSCJ, including all employees—full time, part time and adjunct, as well as contractors.

It also governs the development and activity of social media accounts and content for chartered student organizations and FSCJ sub-brands.


For the purposes of this document, social media is defined as any publicly accessible platform for electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and/or content.

Examples of social media include, but may not be limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, Snapchat, Vimeo and YouTube.

General Provisions

Any use of a social media channel, creation of a new profile/page/group or development of a social media application for the official use of the College must first be approved by the assistant director of integrated communications and special events (ADIC) and director of marketing and communications (DOMC) in the Marketing and Communications department.

All accounts that have not been approved by the integrated communications manager or director of marketing and communications are prohibited and will be requested to be deleted. Any accounts that are not actively used for a period of six months or more, may be deleted per the discretion of the ADIC and DOMC.

All official FSCJ social media accounts are subject to review at any time for brand consistency, content appropriateness and compliance. The ADIC and DOMC must have admin rights to all official College accounts and access to edit these sites as appropriate.

FSCJ reserves the right to block or remove the content of any post that violates College or campus policies, including but not limited to, harassing, threatening or profane language aimed at creating a hostile or intimidating environment. Content may be removed at any time without prior notice for any reason deemed to be in the College's best interest. Concerns about content within any Florida State College at Jacksonville's social media presence should be reported to


The College does not take any responsibility for pages or social media content purported to represent the College on unofficial or unapproved social media sites.

Due to frequent technology and social media changes, this procedure may be adjusted regularly to reflect issues or concerns that arise.

You can read the entire FSCJ Social Media Procedure in this Social Media Procedure document.