Records Disposal and Destruction

Florida law states the disposition of public records may include either destruction or transfer to the custody of College Archives.

Disposal of Records

There are two general requirements for disposing of public records:

  1. You must ensure that the records have met all retention requirements (knowledge of disposal eligibility is the responsibility of the office); and
  2. You must internally document the disposition of any public records in your custody.

Offices are generally not required to document the disposition of records with a retention of "Retain until obsolete, superseded, or administrative value is lost” except for records that have been microfilmed or scanned as part of a retrospective conversion project in which the microfilm or electronic version will serve as the records (master) copy.

Records Transfer

In accordance with APM 02-1403, the College will retain all records, including digital and electronic (email) communication according to the retention schedules set forth by the Florida Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services and in consultation with the College’s Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO). College facilities are designed to allow the storage of three years of records within the space assigned to each department. Records which must be maintained beyond three years should be stored in one of the following ways:

  1. Certain student records, payroll records, fiscal records and curriculum records should be imaged to allow for the storage of large volumes of older records.

  2. Personnel records with a retention period of 25 years or more should be imaged and/or stored in fire proof file cabinets located in the Human Resources Department or the Administrative Support Facility (ASF) located at 11 West State Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 (warehouse).

  3. All other records with remaining retention periods should be stored at the ASF in approved boxes with approved labels.  The boxes, available through Central Stores are issued to each department at no charge.  The labels for the boxes can be ordered through Central Stores at minimal cost to each department.

Transfer to and from records storage shall be handled by mail and warehouse personnel. All such requests must be in writing and should be directed to the Central Stores Manager within the Administrative Support Facility.

Records may be transferred to the custody of the College Archives if they have been indicated as “permanent” or as having “archival or historical value” by the records retention schedule or by selection by the Office of Records Management. Please contact the Office of Records Management for questions relating to College Archives. Tier 1 and Tier 2 Records Coordinators who want to transfer public records to the College Archives must ensure that all retention requirements have been satisfied. If retention periods have been met, contact the College's Office of Records Management for instructions. You may also contact the Office of Records Management if the records are not “public records,” but you think they may have historical value.

Transfer of Paper Records

Records to be transferred to the College Archives must be packed in archival boxes and have an inventory of the items being transferred. A file folder inventory should include folder name and date range. Photographs, digital images and sound and video recordings should have descriptions, pertinent names and dates as part of the inventory.

Records Destruction

Florida Administrative Code sets the following requirements for destruction of public records: Agencies shall ensure that all destruction of records is conducted in a manner that safeguards the interests of the state and the safety, security, and privacy of individuals. In destroying records containing information that is confidential or exempt from disclosure, agencies shall employ destruction methods that prevent unauthorized access to or use of the information and ensure that the information cannot practicably be read, reconstructed, or recovered. The agency shall specify the manner of destruction of such records when documenting disposition. Where possible, recycling following destruction is encouraged.

Rules for retention and disposition of College records can be found in APM 02-1403.

Point of Contact

Catherine Hodges
Records Management Program Coordinator and Records Management Liaison Officer

Office of Records Management
Florida State College at Jacksonville
501 West State St.
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 632-3196