Office of General Counsel

Welcome to the FSCJ Office of the General Counsel (OGC) website. Our office provides professional legal services, advice and counsel in support of the College and its mission. Our experienced attorneys and support team work closely together to provide responsive, timely and objective legal advice and counsel to the District Board of Trustees, the College President, Cabinet, department heads, faculty and other employees of the College.


The Office of the General Counsel supports the dynamic educational environment of Florida State College at Jacksonville by providing legal advice to foster sound decision-making in all areas of operation, instruction and administration. Our office is a service organization dedicated to helping our clients conduct their business effectively and in accordance with legal and policy requirements. We are dedicated to a tradition of excellence, professionalism, fairness, ethics and diversity. 

Our work, to the maximum extent possible, is preventive - to keep questions from becoming problems and problems from becoming lawsuits. Through timely and knowledgeable advice, we aid our clients in avoiding or reducing exposure to legal risks. We help the College discharge its mission by helping to create an awareness of the legal ramifications of proposed actions, and suggesting alternate solutions where problems arise. Through regular interaction, formal and informal, with many individuals in the College, we are often able to help our clients analyze situations and sharpen their own objectives and strategies.

We are responsible for assuring that appropriate resources are brought to bear in the resolution of legal matters. Where outside counsel is retained, we exercise close supervision to yield the best quality service at reasonable cost.

In fulfilling the mission of this office, we exercise professional competence and independent judgment, avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof, and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Vision and Values

  • As advisors, our goal is to be valued and trusted partners, recognized for our creativity, industry-leading expertise, and commitment to client objectives.
  • As service providers, we are dedicated to delivering exceptionally high quality, timely and responsive solutions to our clients.
  • As team members, we are collaborative, supportive, respectful of differences, and committed to fairness and diversity in all our interactions, both within and outside the team.
  • As individuals, we are engaged in our mission, accountable for results, and subscribe to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in everything we do.
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