The purpose of the Center on Economic and Financial Education (CEFE) at FSCJ is to improve the understanding of economics and personal finance among K-12 students in Nassau, Duval, Baker, Putnam, St. Johns and Clay counties so that they will become effective participants in the economy.

The Center’s functions include:

  • providing professional development workshops and programs that enable K-12 teachers to gain the Dollars floating down in front of girlknowledge and skills needed to integrate economics and personal finance into their classroom curriculum.
  • serving as a resource for schools by providing, curriculum materials, assessment instruments and other appropriate economic education materials to classroom teachers and school administrators.
  • consulting with school districts and individual schools to develop plans for the comprehensive inclusion of economic and financial education across the K-12 curriculum.
  • conducting research in economic education and evaluation of the Center's programs.
  • reaching out to communities with programs that enhance the public's understanding of our economic system and current economic issues/events.