No Cost Pre-K for Four-Year-Olds

Chappell Schools offer the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program (VPK) at Child Development Centers on Downtown, North and South Campuses, and Deerwood Center. VPK is an educational program for children who turn four years old by September 1. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten is a state-funded child development program that provides 540 hours of instructional class time at no cost to the parent.

If interested, please contact the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) to obtain a VPK certificate for your child to attend VPK. The Early Learning Coalition is located at 6500 Bowden Rd, Suite 290, Jacksonville, FL 32216. You may call ELC at (904) 208-2040, or visit

Bring the certificate to one of the four campus child care center locations to register your child. Chappell is giving first priority to college students and staff, but the program will become available to the public. Spaces will fill up quickly, so take advantage of this rare opportunity soon.