Center Information

Chappell Schools all consist of numerous classrooms and extensive developmental spaces divided into multiple centers for age appropriate groupings. This provides versatility of developmental play and learning experiences.

Even our youngest infants and wobblers experience developmental play on soft-surfaced centers, in a shoe-free environment.

At Chappell our primary goal is to promote a safe, child-oriented space where each child can explore, discover and create. Each child’s self-confidence is fostered, self-reliance is encouraged and self-esteem is emphasized.

Our beautifully decorated, art-inspired centers provide feelings of warmth, caring and culture. Our classrooms are named for famous artists, soft classical music encourages relaxation and creativity and cheerful fresh flower arrangements adorn the tables in our dining rooms.

As part of the enrollment process, each family will receive a full orientation to the school as well as their child’s specific classroom and teacher.