Skills Measured by the CPT and FCELPT Assessments

Reading Comprehension

  • Recognize the main idea and less central ideas
  • Recognize the tone of the passage
  • Recognize relationships between sentences, such as the use of one sentence to illustrate another
  • Answer questions that require synthesis of information, including gauging point of view and
  • intended audience
  • Recognize organizing principles in a paragraph or passage
  • Identify contradictory or contrasting statements
  • Extract points that are merely implied
  • Follow moderately complex arguments or speculations
  • Analyze the logic employed by the author in making an argument

Sentence Skills

  • Correct sentence fragments
  • Solve problems of faulty coordination and subordination in a sentence with one or two clauses
  • Manipulate complex verb tenses
  • Correct misplaced modifiers
  • Solve problems that combine grammar and logic
  • Manipulate complex sentences with two or more subordinate clauses
  • Correct problems of syntax and repetitive diction
  • Recognize correct and incorrect linkages of clauses, including problems involving semicolons

Elementary Algebra

  • Demonstrate a sense of order relationships and the relative size of signed numbers
  • Demonstrate the ability to multiply a whole number by a binomial
  • Combine like terms
  • Multiply binomials
  • Evaluate algebraic expressions
  • Add radicals
  • Add algebraic fractions
  • Factor quadratic expressions in the form ax2 + bx + c, where a =
  • Factor the difference of squares
  • Square binomials
  • Solve linear equations with integer coefficients
  • Simplify algebraic expressions
  • Factor quadratic expressions where a = 1
  • Solve quadratic equations
  • Solve linear equations with fractional and literal coefficients and linear inequalities with integer coefficients
  • Solve systems of equations
  • Identify graphical properties of equations and inequalities