Excelsior Assessment


College credits awarded by Florida State College at Jacksonville for these Excelsior assessments are transferable to any public Florida university or community college. These assessments are administered by Pearson Vue. Jacksonville area military personnel may take these exams at their nearest Navy College Office.


For official score reports, please visit Exelsior Score Reports. (You will need to scroll to the bottom for info on how to request an official score report.

FSCJ will enter all passing exams on the official score report, unless the student submits in writing a request for specific exams to be awarded prior to receiving the score report.

For more information, you may contact Richard Sidney at 904-381-3705 or rsidney@fscj.edu.


Florida State College at Jacksonville will follow the course equivalents outlined by the ACC; however, if the course is not offered at FSCJ, students will instead receive an elective credit.

Course substitutions must be submitted to the appropriate dean or department chair for evaluation.

All course equivalents are subject to change. When transferring credit to another institution, the receiving institution will determine course equivalencies.

Exam Name Passing Score FSCJ Course Equivalent
Abnormal Psychology C CLPX140+
Anatomy and Physiology C BSCX084+ or BSCX092+
Calculus C MAC2311
College Writing C ENC1101
Contemporary Mathematics C MGF1106
Earth Science C ESC1000 or GLYX000+
Earth Science (taken after 05/06/2018) C ECC1000
English Composition C ENC1101 or ENC1102
Ethics: Theory and Practice C PHIX630+
Foundations of Gerontology C GEYX000+
General Chemistry I C CHM1020
Human Resources Management C MANX300+
Introduction to Computer Programming Using Java C COPX250+
Introduction to Macroeconomics C ECO2013
Introduction to Music C MUHX011+
Introduction to Music (taken after 05/22/2019) C MULX010+
Introduction to Philosophy C PHI2010
Introduction to Sociology C SYG2000
Juvenile Delinquency C CCJX500+
Labor Relations C MANX400+
Lifespan Developmental Psychology C DEP2004
Managerial Accounting C ACG2071
Microbiology C MCBX000+ (lecture only)
Physics C PHYX020
Political Science C POSX001+
Precalculus C MAC1105
Principles of Marketing C MAR2011
Psychology of Adulthood and Aging C DEPX401+ or DEP2402
Spanish Language C One semester of language credit at Elementary Language I level
Statistics C STA2023
Weather and Climate C METX010+
Workplace Communications with Computers C OSTX335
World Conflicts since 1900 C WOHX040+

*This course is unique to the exam. Credit can be achieved only by examination.

+This course is not offered at FSCJ and is provided by examination only. This course will fulfill only a general elective at FSCJ.

++This course equivalent will be a general elective.