Chemistry Placement Test

Chemistry Placement Test

Students who feel that they have a strong chemistry background can take the placement test to satisfy the pre-requisite course requirement of CHM1025C, which will allow them to register for CHM2045C.

What is the passing score for the Chemistry Placement?

A score of “35” is needed to pass the chemistry placement. Note: A passing score on the Chemistry Placement test does not award college credit for CHM1025C.

What is covered on the Chemistry Placement Test?

There are 60 multiple choice questions:

  • Part 1: General Mathematics
  • Part 2: General Chemical Knowledge
  • Part 3: Specific Chemical Knowledge

Each section has 20 questions and there is a 55 minute time limit on this exam. A non-graphing calculator is permitted. The periodic table is attached to the test.

How do I study for the Chemistry Placement Test?

Prepare using a high school chemistry book, CLEP, or Advanced Placement preparation book.

Is there a fee for this Exam?

The fee for this exam is 30.00 and only one attempt is permitted.

How do I sign up for the Chemistry Placement Test?

Candidates can access the on-line appointment scheduling system by going to the Assessment and Certification page. Click the “Make a Testing Appointment” button and follow the directions from there.