Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS)

The CASAS Goals Series is a two-part examination used to place students in to the appropriate Adult Basic Education course. The exam is administered by computer and measures reading and math comprehension. Once enrolled, this exam is used to diagnose student learning needs, monitor progress and certify proficiency.

Test scores are valid for four months.

This two-part examination takes 3-3.5 hours to complete.

The reading and math appraisals are timed at 30 minutes each. The reading and math assessments are timed at 60-75 minutes each.

The CASAS Goals exam is administered at no cost to FSCJ students entering our Adult Basic Education program.

Students must speak with an Adult Education Advisor to determine program eligibility and coordinate scheduling test appointments.

A current, valid government-issued photo ID or current FSCJ student ID.


Students may retake the CASAS exam for placement with a referral from an Adult Education advisor. Students enrolled in our adult basic education program will retake this exam each term to monitor progress and certify proficiency toward learning outcomes.

When testing has concluded the student will meet with an Adult Education Advisor to review test results and discuss next steps.

None. FSCJ will provide all testing materials.