Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS)

The CASAS Life Skills Series is used at Florida State College at Jacksonville to assess the ESOL student's English, reading and listening skills. The assessment consists of a reading and listening appraisal.

The CASAS assessment is administered to all students that are entering English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) non-credit classes.

The assessment is offered most every weekday with some exceptions) at the Downtown Campus. Students needing to take the CASAS may call (904) 633-8360 or visit the ESOL office at Downtown Campus to obtain a referral for testing.

The reading and listening appraisal assessments are 25 minutes each. The reading pre-assessment is 60 minutes. The listening pre-assessments range from 30-45 minutes.

Getting Your Results

Results of the CASAS assessments are sent to the Florida State College at Jacksonville Downtown Campus ESOL department in Room A2101 within 24 hours of the assessment administration. When the student attends the ESOL orientation/registration meeting, he/she will be told the results of the assessment. 

Other Information About the CASAS

Florida State law requires that all individuals entering ESOL classes take a standardized assessment for program entry. Florida State College at Jacksonville has chosen the CASAS for its ESOL program. The CASAS is a paper and pencil assessment that is administered in group sessions. The assessment measures reading and listening comprehension. It is used to:

  1. Place students in the appropriate program, level or assessment.
  2. Diagnose student learning needs.
  3. Monitor student progress.
  4. Certify student proficiency levels.