The Cambridge (AICE) program gives high school students an opportunity to take college-level courses and exams while still in high school.

Students who participate get a chance to try college-level work and to gain valuable skills and study habits for college. To find out more about participating in the Cambridge (AICE) program while you are enrolled in high school, contact your high school guidance counselor. Visit the Cambridge (AICE) program website for more general and test preparation information.

For score evaluation to determine eligibility for college credits to be applied to a transcript, students need to request an official Cambridge (AICE) score report be sent to Florida State College at Jacksonville, Attention: Jace Loehmann, Assessment Center A102, 3939 Roosevelt Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32205.

Students may request an official score report by contacting the Florida Cambridge (AICE) office: (850) 230-4770, Sherry Reach, Regional Manager, Americas; US Office, 131 Bid A. Wee Lane, Panama City, Florida  32413.

The General Certificate of Education (GCE) results are reported on a 5-point scale of grades:  (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), with grade “a” being the highest and grade “e” being the lowest.  These grades apply to both the GCE Advance Level and the GCE Advanced Subsidiary Level.

Cambridge (AICE) Assessment NameCambridge CourseFlorida State College
Course Equivalent
Accounting (AS – Level)ACG 1001ACG 2021
Accounting (A – Level)ACG 1001 & ACG ElectACG 2021 & ACG Elect
Art and Design (AS – Level)ART ElectART Elect
Art and Design (A – Level)ART Elect and ART 1201CART Elect and ART 1201C
Biology (AS – Level)BSC 1005 and BSC 1005LBSC 1005 and BSC 1005L
Biology (A – Level)BSC 2010C and BSC ElectBSC 2010C and BSC Elect
Business Studies (AS – Level)GEB 1011GEB 1011
Business Studies (A – Level)GEB 1011 and GEB ElectGEB 1011 and GEB Elect
Chemistry (AS – Level)CHM 1025CCHM 1025C
Chemistry (A – Level)CHM 1025C and CHM 2045CCHM 1025C and CHM 2045C
Classical Studies (AS – Level)CLA 2010HUM 2020
Computing (AS – Level)CGS 1073CGS 1060
Computing (A – Level)CGS 1073 and CGS 1074CGS 1060 and CGS Elect
Design and Technology (AS – Level)ETI 1482CETI 1420
Design and Technology (A – Level)ETI 1482C and ETI 1420ETI 1420 and ETI Elect
Economics (AS – Level)ECO 1000ECO 2013
Economics (A – Level)ECO 2013 and ECO 2023ECO 2013 and ECO 2023
English (AS – Level) English Language or
Language and Literature in English
ENC 1101AENC 1101
English (AS – Level) Literature in EnglishENC 1101ENC 1101
English (A – Level) Literature in EnglishENC 1101 and ENC 1102ENC 1101 and ENC 1102
Environmental Management (AS – Level)ISC 1075ISC 1075
French Language (AS – Level)FRE 1120FRE 1120
French Language (A – Level)FRE 1120 and FRE 1121FRE 1120 and FRE 1121
French Literature (AS – Level)FRE ElectFRE Elect
Further Mathematics (A – Level)MAC 2311 and MAC 2312MAC 2311 and MAC 2312
General PaperIDS 1110IDS Elect
Geography (AS – Level)GEA 1000GEA 1000
Geography (A – Level)GEO 2200 and GEO 2400GEA 1000 and GEO 2420
German Language (AS – Level)GER 1120GER 1120
German Language (A – Level)GER 1120 and GER 1121GER 1120 and GER 1121
History (AS – Level)Three credits for each successfully passed paper.College must get in touch with Cambridge to determine specific course taken.
History (A – Level)Six credits for each successfully passed paper.College must get in touch with Cambridge to determine specific course taken.
Marine Science (AS – Level)OCE 2001 and OCE 2001LOCE 2001 and OCE 2001L
Marine Science (A – Level)OCE 2001, OCE 2001L and OCB 2000OCE 2001, OCE 2001L and OCB 2000C
Mathematics (AS – Level)MAC 1147MAC 1147
Mathematics (A – Level)MAC 2311 and MAC 1147MAC 2311 and MAC 1147
Music (AS – Level)MUH 1001MUH Elect
Music (A – Level)MUH 1001 and MUH 1011MUH Elect and MUH Elect
Physics (AS – Level)PHY 1020CPHY 1020C
Physics (A – Level)PHY 2053C and PHY 2054CPHY 2053C and PHY 2054C
Psychology (AS – Level)PSY 1012PSY 1012
Psychology (A – Level)PSY 1012 and PSY ElectPSY 1012 and PSY Elect
Sociology (AS – Level)SYG 2010SYG 2010
Sociology (A – Level)SYG 2000SYG 2000
Spanish Language (AS – Level)SPN 1120SPN 1120
Spanish Language (A – Level)SPN 1120 and SPN 1121SPN 1120 and SPN 1121
Spanish LiteratureSPN ElectSPN Elect
Thinking Skills (AS – Level)PHI 1401PHI 1603
Thinking Skills (A – Level)PHI 1401 and PHI 2010PHI 1603 and PHI 2010
Travel and Tourism (AS – Level)HFT 1000HFT 1000
Travel and Tourism (A – Level)HFT 1000 and HFT 1265HFT 1000 and HFT 1265