ACCUPLACER Next Generation

The Next Generation ACCUPLACER placement exams are computer-adaptive tests designed to help accurately place students into appropriate class levels by assessing their individual skill and knowledge. The subtests are Next Generation Reading, Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics (QAS), and Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF).

Untimed, but generally 2 – 3 hours

If an FSCJ student must have placement on file, there is no fee for the first attempt. Each subsequent attempt is $32 per sitting. All candidates taking the placement for another institution must pay $63 per sitting, regardless of the number of subtests. All payments must be made via credit or debit.

The Next Generation Accuplacer is available to all students who must have placement on file or are retaking to improve scores, provided college coursework in Reading, Writing, or Mathematics has not already started.

A current, valid government-issued photo ID or current FSCJ student ID.

SB1720, Previous College Courses in English or Math with a grade of C or better, Minimum SAT or ACT scores, Previous Placement Scores

Students may retake the placement exam, provided they have not already started or completed coursework in the subject area for which they want to retest; however, students are not eligible to retest on the same day.

Printed upon completion.

None. FSCJ will provide all testing materials.