Data science technician jobs are predicted to be one of the fastest employment opportunities in 2030, as businesses embrace the velocity and volume of big data that inundates them on a day-to-day basis. Data science technicians work in a variety of fields including banking, finance, health care, marketing, insurance and logistics and supply chain management.

Data Science Technician Education and Careers (DataTEC)

The DataTEC grant allows for coursework development that results in educational and career pathways with instruction on applied industry skills that will prepare students for entry-level data science roles. These jobs are expected to become increasingly critical in the coming years as employers lean more heavily on data to guide decision-making.

By updating the existing coursework for full online delivery, DataTEC aims to increase access for traditional and under represented students by offering affordable and accessible curriculum. Additionally, two new technical certificates will be developed and embedded into the Data Science Technology A.S. degree. Furthering the impact, DataTEC will serve as a model for other institutions and will provide data science professional development opportunities for faculty to replicate the work.

FSCJ leads the project in partnership with CareerSource Northeast Florida, the Florida Department of Education - Florida College System and industry professionals with data science subject matter expertise.

DataTEC Goals

  1. Implement and disseminate curriculum for the Data Science Technology A.S. program with embedded technical certificates.
  2. Increase access to nontraditional and underrepresented students by modifying courses and associated labs within the Data Science Technology A.S. degree for full online delivery.
  3. Develop and deliver Data Science Train-the-Trainer faculty workshops and resources.

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