Certified Ethereum Developer

The Certified Ethereum Developer course is for existing developers who wish to understand how to create Smart Contracts and develop Ethereum-based decentralized applications (“dApps”). This live instructor-led developer course comprises three workshops: Ethereum Enterprise Strategist, Ethereum Smart Contract, and Ethereum Developer. The course gives a top-down view of all critical aspects of Ethereum, including an overview of how the Ethereum Blockchain works, how it is different from traditional architecture, setting up a working environment of new developer tools, and how to create Smart Contracts and dApps. Students learn Solidity, the primary language for creating Smart Contracts on Ethereum. After learning how to write, deploy, test, and interact with Smart Contract, you use real hands-on examples simulating real running protocols. Graduating students will connect Smart Contracts to a user interface, illustrating their ability to develop sophisticated dApps (Decentralized Applications).
Program code :

BLN 0008


30 Hours

Cost :

$ 1,195



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