Certified Blockchain Security Professional

Blockchains provide a decentralized platform for data processing and storage, potentially revolutionizing many business processes. However, blockchain-based platforms are only useful if they are secure. Blockchains use asymmetric cryptography to ensure the authenticity and integrity of transactions stored on the distributed ledger. An attacker with access to the private key of a blockchain account can steal cryptocurrency and interact with smart contracts on its behalf. Smart contracts extend the functionality of the blockchain by allowing programs to run on top of the distributed ledger. However, as smart contracts become more common and powerful, vulnerabilities in these contracts have far- reaching implications. Enroll in this course to learn about the potential vulnerabilities and security risks that exist at each level of the blockchain ecosystem, learn best practices for managing blockchain account keys, and about common smart contract vulnerabilities and how to identify and remediate them.
Program code :

BLN 0004


60 Hours

Cost :

$ 2,995



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