CompTIA Network+

Continuing Education

Students will be trained in the technical knowledge needed to take and pass the CompTIA Network + Exam. This course includes overview of computer components, preventative maintenance, memory storage device concepts, and basic troubleshooting as well as hands on and simulation laboratory training. Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible to register for and take the CompTIA exam.  


Class #


 Room Day   Time


 Summer  3555  Online  Online  Online  Online   5/17 -        6/30  $749
 Summer  3556  Online  Online  Online  Online   7/5 -          8/15  $749
 * Summer  3601  Online  Online  Online  Online   5/17 -         6/30  $1549
 * Summer  3602  Online  Online  Online  Online    7/5 -          8/15  $1549


Courses with * include online study materials and one exam voucher included in price

Class Information

Program Code: CCE0525

Hours: 54

Cost: $ See Table Below for Prices

Contact Information
Phone: (904) 357-8910