Computer Systems Networking (B.A.S.)

Bachelor of Applied Science
Program Code: S300
Financial Aid Eligible : Yes
Online Program : Yes
120 Credits

The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in Computer Systems Networking degree equips students with technical and management skills required to become dedicated network professionals. Our curriculum is an excellent choice for those interested in:

  • Network Management and Control
  • Network Flow Optimization
  • Network Configuring and Troubleshooting
  • Information Security

With a strong demand for network professionals, job seekers with the proper training and experience command high salaries and work in specialized areas such as network virtualization and security.

Additional Costs/Fees
Approximately $12,586
Contact Email :
Contact Phone : (904) 598-5676

Program Notice

Admissions to this program occur continually throughout the term. If you plan to use financial aid, applications must be received by the priority deadlines listed below to allow sufficient time for processing.

Fall Term - June 1
Spring Term - October 1
Summer Term - February 1

Email has become the College’s preferred method of communication. Information regarding admissions decisions has transitioned from mail to email, and it will be delivered only to your FSCJ student email account.